Defining Health in The U.S.

The healthcare system in the United States has always been complex and has only increased in complexity with the new Affordable Care Act of 2014.  What exactly do the changes in healthcare mean for the individual American?

healthcare in America

1. As has been the trend for the past 50 years, the healthcare act provides the most benefit for individuals with the least number of resources, and has the most damaging effects for those with the most resources.  While this may sound appealing to many, it is important to look at the reasons why some individuals have more resources than others.  While most Americans can agree that we feel a duty to help those in need, in practice, it ends up being a top-down sort of help, which tends to create dependency and less oversight than the tradition way of communities helping community members.   The affordable care act is simply a backdoor way of passing the costs for people who can’t afford to pay huge hospital bills, over to those who supposedly can pay those bills.  Not only is this extremely unfair, but it has a negative effect on the ability of those business owners who have resources in hiring new employees and potentially giving those individuals that ability to pay for their own healthcare.

2.  Business owners are already carrying the weight self-employment tax and double taxation.  When it all comes down to a bottom line, between income tax, health tax, permits, fees, gas tax, and sales tax, the average business owner already pays the majority of their income back to the government.  To top that off, these individuals have to pay massive deductibles on their healthcare, which essentially prevents them from ever using it unless of emergency, meanwhile the poor are using the healthcare system as a type of entertainment, while the working man has to foot the bill.

3.  Healthcare costs have not gone down – well at least for the average person with a job.  What’s the solution? The start of the solution is defining healthcare costs.  For example, why does it cost $15,000 to spend the night in a hospital bed?  Is that reasonable? No of course it isn’t.  Hospitals need to be held accountable for the costs they charge by being required to show the costs upfront.  This would allow the consumer to shop for a healthcare provider, and not shop for an insurance company.

What is the solution to the healthcare problem in America?

1.  Alternative medicine

Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine has a huge track record for success around the world.  The medical industry as a whole has built itself around the concept of bastardizing the alternative medicine philosophy.  Why? because there is no real money to be made in the industry.  If a big-pharma company can make a couple of billion dollars by giving pills out, obviously they will try to make the guy look bad who has a solution for free.

What constitutes alternative medicine?

Some of the items included in alternative medicine are: Herbal Therapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy, acupuncture, ozone therapy, vitamin injection, meditation, and so much more.  Many of these methods have done amazing things for many patients who swear by them, so why are these not being implemented on a grand scale as a first line of attack against ilness?

2. Nutrition

nutrition with vegetables

Nutrition can also be considered a form of alternative medicine.  Like the saying goes “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of the cure!”  Nutrition needs to be the first goal of those in the medical profession.  Instead of prescribing anti-depressants, a doctor should be prescribing a massive quantity of fruits and vegetables!  What a difference it would make in the overall health and productivity of our country if instead of 50% of the commercials on television being about pharmaceutical drugs, they would be about the health benefits of various fruits and vegetables.

3. Exercise

exercise for health

Exercise is proven to provide benefits on almost every level and measure of health.  A good exercise regiment can reduce cholesterol, improve cardio-vascular function, improve mood, reduce weight, improve intelligence and memory, and the list goes on and on.  Before going on any medication that is intended to combat one of these areas, an individual should be required to implement a good excercise routine.  What if 50% of those being prescribed medications no longer needed them after starting and exercise regimen?


Why People of All Trades Need to See A Chiropractor…Contractors, Builders Etc.

Chiropractic Care is an Effective Means of Relief for People of All Trades

One individual as of late expressed that in the wake of laboring for 20 years as a kitchen remodeler and designer, he had created various diseases that he expected were going to be there for eternity. He had unending hip agony, and neck torment, and was not able to do assignments that had come effortlessly in the recent past. After the first visit to the chiropractor, the issues were assuaged fundamentally, and following 2 months he had basically no ache!

Here’s a testimonial from someone who really benefited from Chiropractic Care:

Another amazing example of what a chiropractor can do came from a bathroom remodeling contractor in Erie Pennsylvania who was totally disabled in the wake of tossing his whole back out lifting a shower unit. At the point when his wife managed to get him to the chiropractor she said that she simply couldn’t stand seeing the level of discomfort he was enduring and was trusting the chiropractor could offer assistance. They had attempted a wide assortment of treatment options including electrical incitement, dietary reaction help, and many other methods, yet nothing was working. Indeed painkillers were starting to lose their impact and have negative results. At the end of the day, the first conformity was terrible yet after a day, he recognized that the ache had subsided, and after stand out month of bi-week by week visits, the builder was totally free of agony – without surgery, or compelling painkillers.

What it Means to be a Chiropractor

spine section in chiropractor office

section of the spine

We all know that going to the chiropractor for an adjustment can be extremely helpful, however, not many people really know what the visit means in terms of spinal alignment.  Whether you are just feeling a little achy, or if you have a chronic medical condition, many times the process of aligning the neck, back, hips, and joints, can be extremely effective for relieving pain, soreness, and fatigue.

Ending Pain with long term chiropractic care

Finding a good chiropractor can be difficult with different levels of training and varying levels of expertise.  Many chiropractors focus on a holistic mindset and offer nutritional response testing, diagnosis of spinal alignment, headaches and herniated discs. Other specialists focus on sports chiropractics, pregnancy, or auto injuries.

Whether you are experiencing shoulder injuries, knee pain or migraine headaches,  a chiropractic visit can help most of these chronic conditions when continued over a period of time.

Chiropractic services for aging individuals

One of my favorite chiropractors can be found at: As the human body ages, the joints and muscles of the body can become stiff and unyielding.  The problems associated with aging can often be alleviated through the improved flow of energy through the body that chiropractic care can offer.  As the vertebrae shift out of place, your body does not communicate with distal body parts as well and  as a result, you may experience pain in these regions like the legs, arms, and head.  It is vitally important for your brain to communicate with these body parts, and when a nerve is pinched or impeded, the signals do not function properly.


What You Get When You Visit the Chiropractor

Auto Injuries
Most people injured in motor vehicle accidents benefit from some form of chiropractor visit. If you are suffering from an injury due to a vehicle collision, you should certainly consider a visit. Many injuries, even those involving soft tissue can benefit from the treatment of a chiropractor. The spine has many muscles and ligaments that can be damaged or put out of place due to a violent collision. There are thousands of reports of victims of crashes receiving major benefit from this kind of treatment.

One of the other benefits of this form of medicine over others is that it is non-invasive. This is huge given the apprehension and marginal success rates of spinal surgeries. It only makes sense that a non-invasive form of treatment would be pursued first.

A vast number of individuals in the U.S. suffer from major headaches on a regular basis. One of the major causes of headaches is in the sensitive tissues surrounding the neck and head. Often spinal issues can cause restrictions to blood-flow and overall neurological tensions that result in headaches.

Some of the other causes are below.

Cervicogenic tensions- problems within the neck
Upper back muscles
head/neck trauma, and whiplash

Chiropractic services can offer safe, effective, long-term relief from their headaches. The chiropractor is astute in observing and identifying the cause of the headache and can often offer relief of it.
If you are looking for tips and tricks to relieve stress due to headaches and migraines, often you can find great information from just visiting


Adjustments have long been known to improve holistic health and creates numerous benefits for the patient.  The different kinds of adjustments offered vary from joint adjustments, to back, neck, and hips or pelvis.  Often times a patient will notice significant improvement after just one visit to a chiropractic doctor, but sustained visits offer even more benefit.